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Subsequently, there are some of our projects which give you an idea of our power spectrum.

All projects are due to the individual customer request.

Support to move a packaging line

  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Delivery of the transport frame

Reconstruction of a MIFA servo-controller

  • SIEMENS S120 drive system with 1FT7 synchron motor

Modernisation of a traypacker by the upgrade of the PLC system

  • Program migration from Step 5 to TIA Portal V13

Service for correcting and process optimising an accident-sensitive sleever

  • Program modification
  • Creating a construction

PLC upgrade of a thermo forming machine

  • Separation of the electrical cabinets
  • PLC upgrade from Indel GCPU to SIEMENS S7-319
  • Visualisation with InTouch-Wonderware 10
  • Inclusion of the new Indramat servo axles
  • Construction of the wiring diagrams in Eplan P8

Reconstruction of a station positioning

  • Changing of the potentiometer into a contact-free sensor which is, therefore, free from wear
  • Changing the drive into a permanent magnet motor with a  position feedback and integrated ending stopp switches, which are able to be parameterized

Installation of a sterilization module into a packaging machine to increase the product shelf life

  • Planning and construction of the mechanic as well as electric elements
  • Adaptation of the present mechanic structural conditions
  • Addition of another sterile air blower
  • Activation by adaptation and extension of the present controlling

Modernisation of a parcel distribution center by the upgrade of the PLC system

  • Program migration from Step 5 to TIA Portal V13
  • Implementation of a Comfort Panel and IPC
  • Creating a visualization
  • Construction of the wiring diagrams in Eplan P8

Modernisation of a bottle filling machine

  • Upgrading of SIEMENS 1FT5 to 1FT7 servo axles
  • Changing of an old CNC processor into a S7-319 SPS
  • Integration of the servo axles into the new TIA V13 program
  • Free parametrisation of the driving cycles to optimise the process by visualisation for different bottle sizes and shapes

Construction of spare parts

  • Plug assist
  • Guide rods

    ENDOGAS system in Germany

  • Creating the Step7 Software
  • Creating the visualization in TIA Portal V13
  • Commissioning of the system

    Robotic welding system in Germany

  • Support of the commissioning in TIA Portal V13

    Dialysis filters machine in China

  • Support of the commissioning in Step7

    Gas firing plant in Turkey

  • Creating PLC Software and WinCC HMI in Step7

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